Sunday, May 22, 2011

Interesting Observation

I had a friend who linked to an article (I'm being lazy and not looking it up. maybe I'll look it up later) stating something along the lines of, "Obama is the President who has made the most tax cuts of any President in history." One of my friend's friends then commented something along the lines of, "WOOOOO!!! Four more YEARS!!!!!!" So to try to get some context I read the article. Paraphrased rather roughly it says something like this, "Obama has cut more taxes than any other President, and that's awful."

Now, this blog post is not about Obama or the article. It's about my friend's friend. What was he thinking when he was trying to celebrate the link. Admittedly he probably read the headline and commented along the lines of, "I love Obama and I hate paying taxes. This is AWESOME!" but he definitely didn't read the article. What a dumb comment. People, get informed.

Wow, what a quick blog post and not well thought out. Oh well.

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